MC HAMMERED KLAVIER: Maria Choban and Friends in Concert
March 19, 2012, 10:46 am posted by Maria Choban

WHAT: One Hour of Heart-Thumping Solo and Chamber Music.

WHO: Maria Choban - Piano with Ken Beare - Tenor, The Mousai (Janet Bebb - Flute, Ann van Bever - Oboe), John Vergin - Narrator.

WHERE: Community Music Center - 3350 SE FRANCIS, PDX

WHEN: Saturday, March 24, 2012 - 8pm to 9pm. In and out. . . . .nobody gets hurt.


RATED G - General Audience. Classical Music background NOT necessary in order to enjoy the one-hour FREE show.

Bring a Classical Music Virgin to the show!

This Concert is part of March Music Moderne 2012 and is sponsored by Alitisa - The Gangster of Classical Music!


LEGENDS by Brent Weaver (2009): For piano and recording; 3 movements based on 3 Greek Mythological Females - Atalanta (the killler of suitors) Pandora (wreaking havoc on humanity) Echo (self-destruction). I commissioned this from Weaver 2 years ago. A show-stopper of a piece, it opens and sets the tone for the whole concert. Be a little afraid, "It Might Get Loud".

WICHITA VORTEX SUTRA Music by Philip Glass (1988), Poetry Excerpt by Allen Ginsberg (1966); John Vergin narrates this excerpt, weaving with Maria Choban who plays Glass' setting of the poem. A capitulation to a Rockwellian fantasy of America, open heart-land, simple harmonies. It's an aural train ride through the Great Plains of yesteryear culminating in Ginsberg's beginning of his anti-war rant.

TOCCANATA by Art Resnick (2010 & 2011); A 3 movement solo piano fusion of Classical and
Jazz - composed in 2010. Resnick originally had a much simpler 3rd movement because he was advised that pianists would not be willing to tackle his original draft. I (Choban) did not love the reworked version and asked to see the original concept. It thrilled me! Made total sense that only it could finish the first 2 movements and feel balanced with flourish. Therefor, the third movement of Toccanata is actually dated 2011 and was premiered at Art's "Double Entendre" concert in November of 2011.

CINQ MELODIES SECULAIRES ET LATINES by Marek Harris (1992); Ken Beare, Dramatic Tenor, sings this joyful, neo-classical sounding burst of optimism. The piano part uses extended techniques, fun to incorporate and challenging to choreograph.

STORM SESSION by Tomas Svoboda (1999); Originally commissioned by the Community Music Center and my friend, rock and roll electric guitarist John Tamburello, this piece was scored for Electric Bass and Electric Guitar. I finally convinced both John and Tomas to let me have a go at it, arranging it as a 2-part piano invention. It has probably challenged me more than any other piece I've played in trying to realize the sounds I heard in my head. It is damned hard and damned loud. Do NOT try this at home alone!

HARLEM by Brian Duford (2009); This is the third movement in a 3 movement work titled "New York Streetscapes". It's scored for Flute (Janet Bebb), Oboe (Ann van Bever) and Piano. The three of us wild women comprise The Mousai. This piece is pure Steely Dan. A great funk, adrenaline pitched ride!

Please Forward This To Those Who Like Classical Music Concerts and Especially To Those Who Don't!

Posted By Scott Pender on March 19, 2012, 03:14 pm

Sounds/looks like a great concert, wish I could be there! I really wish someone would go ahead and invent that transporter...scott

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